Hello, I am KalastusKunn aka FishingKing. I have done handmade fishing rods from the year 2008. First I did only maintenance, but after many years I came out with my own products. Every year I develope my own and create new products. The most famous product is ice rod with spring bobber. Many people doesen't even know that is possible to fix fishing rods. Last two years i have done maintenance for my friend's rods. Because of that, it has become very popular. Nowadays I make handmade fishing rods, mormyshkas, I build, repair and maintencance ice/spring rods however my customers wish. I want to keep you in touch with my products and works, give the best service, that will make this hobby more enjoyalble.

Catch, enjoy & make a new life

With the best,



Kalastuskunn OÜ, Kasesalu 12 Saue 76505, Harjumaa. E-mail: marko@kalastuskunn.ee Mob: +372 53476259